Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Exploration of Human Form and Architectural structure

Here are some images of the structure.

The exploration is how human move and pause along different parts of the structure. While pausing, model can see how they could interact and pose with the structure. The exercise will last for an hour. The expression is casual and it is up to the model to pose and photographer will compose and frame his shot. Perhaps at times the photographer and the model may interact to create or improve a certain shot. The model should find ways to pose and move within the structure. Demonstrating her creativity and expression. She should bring out her nature using the architectural form and texture of the wall, floor, strings, lights, etc
Requirement of Model

  1. Select her own clothes which she is comfortable and show her nature, or her fantasy if she prefer 
  2. With or without make up is OK, depends on how the model wants to portray herself
  3. An hour of non-stop shooting, angles as selected by the photographer
  4. She should look at the architectural structure, and perhaps consider a certain sequence or spontaneous movement as she explore the architectural structure.
The photographs will be used by the photographer or any other purpose for creative work.