Monday, June 29, 2015

Exploring the spaces of the New Playground

I shall be back exploring the human form, photography and posing in tight spaces.
That would be really fun.
Do contact me if you are interested to participate in this exploration.

Steve call this the Battleship
It is a specially designed
Play ground for the children
Those days
We only have
Swing, Merry-go-round and See-saw
Now play ground becomes
More Complex
It is very challenging
I was moving carefully
Taking each cautious step
up the front cabin
Steep and 'V'-shaped
They have rubble studs to help
All sweat.
I think it is not for those with Weak legs

The day is good for photography.
Yap, with my trusted Canon.
One Camera, One Lens,
But of course, with the Carbon-fibre Mamiya tripod.
I shall document this huge Battleship
I is really a fun machine
To play with.
Shallow is strong
Lights is illuminating
Sky is a saturated blue
What else can I ask for
Perfect for a day of photography.

This is really amazing 
Returning to a certain sense of
Being Little
Man I was glad
That they have the fastest way down.
I was apprehensive of going the way I climb up
Which I need both hands and the legs
Climb with all four.
I am going into the tube
Curve like a snake
I hope I not to stuck inside.
I make sure I lie down
Got a little abrasion
On my palm.
What a way to descent.

Stone face
Mouth gulping
Panting like mad
Every step is cautious
And slow
I am moving like a bear
Needing more effort than when I was younger
Sweating profusely
But still need that shot
Struggle to get the Xiao Yi out
Careful not to drop it
Otherwise have to climb back up again.
I need to retrain Man!
I am down.
This is an interesting space to be explore further
I shall be back for more.