Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Xiao Yi, from China

Come in
I say Yo
He said – How are you.
Fine Brother.
Wana photo.
He said.
Held up his hand.
Framing with four fingers
I wave mine.
Hold it there Bro.
Thank you
See you another time.
Have a great day.
I wonder if he
Believe my box, Xiao Yi.
Small but wide.

Got up a bus towards Sim Lim Square and met a quiet gentleman reading a book on Vietnam War. I asked to take a photo of him and he oblige. I took out the Xiaomi and take a shot. He was amazed at the size of the camera. Everyone would oblige if the camera looks like a play toy and not your much bigger big sensor brother – the APS or full frame chunk. It was a good ice breaker. We start to chat. He is 70 and he looks so well maintained. I was inquisitive. I learned from him that he does Yoga 3 times a week, ate vegetarian, lift dumbbell. Wow! He was a security guard before he retired. At 70 he is amazing

We got the computer repaired
The great feature of the Xiaomi,
the damage is $125,
reload the system and
swap a new 500 GB hard disk.
Not that difficult to do if I have the window software.
But I don't.
Strange how to get system back up?
It use to give be a system DVD at one time.
I need to find the way otherwise
it is another 125 dollar to get it repaired again
when the system crash.
And they always crash.
More frequent than a shooting star.
I was asked to pay for Norton at $30,
but he got one for $45/- for 3 users.
I don't need the other 2 licensing.
So no go.
Time to shoot some memory,
but Ah Tung was very shy.
He is a Hokkien computer savvy
Hardly likes to converse in English.
Guess they learn by experience.
What so difficult
It is just a dumb machine
O, but you let it develops
And one day they will rule your life.
Everything had gone online
Are you online?
Waving his hand around his face
half turn away from me.
Well I tried my luck.
Yes luck.
I don't know when the Xiao Mi shoot
The lag is in-between 2 beeps.
So Xiao Mi has a choice in that window and I am powerless
very dependent on that unseen moment
may be something would turn out good and amazing
Or everything can be a waving blur
A strange way to inform me.
I don't think the camera is faulty.
Just the way the camera maker design it.
I like the wide angle.
155 degree.
Like a shotgun
The strike is wide and includes many.

I went back to the Xiao Mi shop on the thrid floor of Sim Lim.
She is not there.
But there is another cute sales girl,
not sure about ...
The previous girl was helpful
that was part of the reason
I bought the camera to play
with my elder son
He needs to like photography
He haven't got the kick out of the camera
She talks to me about the Mi TV
but I bought the camera instead.
I love to capture the moment
Exploring the nature of the camera
Small camera is trivial
So no one kick a big fuss if you point it at them
They may even act funky.
But not this salesgirl
Another block on the lens
when I point it at her.
I suggested that they should come to me class
To be trained
To be confident and bold
It was a surprise
As most Chinese girl are very obliging.
China is going to triumph
Xiao Yi is one of those sign
Here come the Chinese
Marching in.
They wants to claim the Sea Silk Route!
Xiao Yi broke the rule
A camera without a lens cap
Do they use Monster glass?
Scratch proof perhaps.
Then why don't lens maker use them?
Strange world
A good filter can set you back more than 50 dollars

Walking down Serangoon Road
Sometimes in the side lanes
To test what I could do with it.
Xiao Yi has 2 beeps.
Once when you depressed the shoot button
It capture in-between
Here I peered into a roadside store
Selling watches
For ten dollars you get a
Crystal glass
Scratch proof watch
He took a pen knife and slice
the watch surface a few time
Sturdy and hard core
Big size
It sound like a joke when one customer
Said, "Five Dollar, Can?"
Another, "Make in Japan?"
Gosh. I chipped in, "Walau where to get for ten dollar a watch, cheap cheap.'
I am amazed.
How to made a living with ten dollar watch?
And in the glittering shopping mall
A watch retails for tens of thousand
They are known as the collectable.
An aesthetically pursue
I supposed
The beauty is the utility
I don't need a watch
So after the snap snap
I went off.
Everyone is doing something SG 50
Singapore history and nostalgia
in the air
Theatre re-trace the hsitory
Even re-search into the relevance of Raffles
Or may Farquhar was more worthy than Raffles
Or we had over estimated the contribution of Raffles
Old research is re-evaluated
Advertisement is stuck onto
Display screen
Social media
is that it is small and there are no viewfinder nor LCD display. LOL. Back to those day of the primitive analogue days, where you see and click, develop the film then you see something. Everyone is happy to be taken. LOL. What a toy. This shop keeper ask me about the cost of the camera and he asked to trade the camera with his cash. Of course I said no, as that would disrupt my fun. I walk down Serangoon Road and fired away. What is joyous fun thing to do!!!!.