Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Chatting with young Charmain, her studies, her aspiration, her thoughts, ... Starbuck. Fullerton Bay Hotel 

Stealing the moment, 
Is about 
When the shot is synchronized 
With the moment 
The flow, 
As thought flows, 
As environment fluxes, 
As light changes, 
As she moves, waves, blinks, utters, expresses, 
The moment becomes ... 
One and only, 
Irretrievable except 
Through the act of photography
Whose exactness is supplemented 
By erroneous memories
Complimented by privileges and biases
For to see
Is to colour
Although they are pastelmatic in nature
You will still see colours
For you are the painter
Of the beautiful brain
Seize that beautiful fleeing moment
Before you slip into oblivion 
Disintegrating into nothingness
Becoming this wonderous nature
Who could
Escape this nature?
Saviour this process
Of seeming randomness
Be open to this adventure
For beauty lies in those who seek
For this is all
There is
See the beauty of
Do not fear
Of meaninglessness
Nor be trapped
By the desire of meaning
What is the meaning of your life?
A thunder has just struck 
Cold sweat streaming
You want an eternally meaningful life