Sunday, October 25, 2015

Remembrance - A great friend Regunathan Ambalam

A great friend had just past away. Here is a page to commemorate him.
I got to know Regu in year 2000 while working for iVenture. We were putting together an online learning portal, It was a wonderful experience and exhilarating time. Regu was energetic and full of marketing ideas. He planned, and held many events to promote the online service.
We will definitely miss him. We shared many happy and impromptu moments which made up the adventure and wonders of our life. We debated on ideas, probed into our differences and worked on them, he is always proactive and positive. One is always energized, free and light in his company, always enjoyable. He is always a great company; he never failed to make a lasting impression on others.

Mascot for the launch of the online learning event.
Here Kunalan with Regu, during the DOTCOM days at

Source from Informatics Education Ltd | annual report 2007

I did a google search to see what are the information fragments which I can gather to include in this page before they are buried deep inside the google search engine. 
In the PDF files of Informatics Education Ltd | annual report 2007(  I found this information reproduce in a screen capture here. 

We did some podcasts, Regu8Zhu together with a Video company and here are some of the excerpt which I gathered from the Youtube,

Later we produce our own podcast in recording studio with 'Ah Boy' at Peace Centre, Here are the links,

A conversation with Regu about his experience in the hospital (Oct 2014).

In the year 2009, Regu running with his dog, more dog pics in FB here

In the year 2010, we watch the last match in the old stadium before it was demolished. There were Parry, Regu, Bob and me.