Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Yoga pose - A day at the Barage

It was a mad rush getting up early at about 5:45 am. The buses seems to take longer than normal arrived and to reach Shenton Way. Wait, it did not reach Fullerton Bay Hotel. I was informed that on Sunday, the bus take a different route. Well, luckily Shashi, pick me up at the Suntec City. The huge led panel was showing some Japanese cute toys. Along the road were a couple shooting the LED panel, perhaps for documenting the playback. I took a few photos too. By the time we reached the Barage, all the Yoga students had already warmed up for the photography session. Manoj introduced me as the photographer artist, perhaps the artist can have some artistic freedom and latitude.
Each one took turns to pose on the concrete bench. It started with a tall European lady. I may have taken a photograph of her 2 years ago. Perhaps, time to get reacquainted. I had to go on my knees to get a lower angle shot. I waited for the Yoga students to get into their position before I released the shutter. It was rather tiring after half an hour into the shoot. Perhaps my body is getting old and stiff. I was offered grapes to quench my thirst. Thanks, them for so considerate. I was offered Banana too. 
I had a 10 min break when the students were gather to listen to Ravi, who is the founder of COME India and a few orphanage. In fact we were raising funds for COME doing photography to raise fund.